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The LPG gas safety certificate is an essential document for all commercial properties, catering units, landlords and not forgetting homeowners.  If you don’t have one; how do you know if your gas compliances are reliable and safe.

It is a legal requirement and a vital documents to ensure there is presently no risk to life and all gas appliances have been installed and working accordingly.  Did you know gas compliance not working correctly can result in a gas leak massively increasing the risk of injury and fire damage?  In addition, a valid LPG has safety certificate is needed for insurance.  If you don’t have it there is a high possibility insurance companies would not payout in the event of a claim due to faulty gas appliances.

We take a look at the most common types of certificates:

LPG Gas Safety Certificate

Every single premise should obtain an LPG gas safety certificate from a registered gas engineer.  Please refer to the Gas Safe Register formally known as the CORGI registrar for details of those listed.  The engineer will inspect all gas appliances including pipework.  It is their role to ensure they are all working safely and will not cause any danger.  If there is a problem the engineer will either fix or advise what needs to be done to bring the appliance to working condition.

A landlord gas safety certificate

Every landlord has a duty of care to its tenants and is, therefore, a legal responsibility to maintain a good standard.  It is recommended all appliances are checked every twelve months.  A certificate only lasts twelve months.

Commercial Gas Certificate

For premises such as restaurants, office space, public buildings and other commercial properties obtaining a gas certificate is a legal requirement.  Very similar to the landlord gas safety certificate an engineer will check the safety of all appliances and provide a certificate.  Must be a qualified engineer who has the permissions to issue a commercial gas certificate.

Commercial Catering Certificate

Commonly used in commercial kitchens and other similar commercial catering environments.  The main difference being you can only use a qualified engineer who is able to complete commercial gas appliance certification.

Commercial Boiler Service

In the commercial industry, a boiler maintenance routine is essential to protect customers and the general public.  Not legal but recommended that every commercial premise should get a boiler check every year.  Why get a boiler check?  It is very likely it will enhance the life of the appliance and therefore save money in the long run.  Potential failures can be picked up and rectified extending the longevity of the appliance.

Don’t hesitate to get your LPG gas safety certificate or commercial gas certificate booked in today if you haven’t already done so.

lpg gas safety certificates

More Gas Certificate Services

Takeaway Gas Certificate

Pizza shop | Kebab Shop | Fish Shop Gas Safety Certificate  (CP42) and (Plant)

B & B Gas Certificate

Bed and breakfast, Hotel, or even rental campervan get a (CP42) within 24 hours.

Kitchen Gas Certificate

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Certificate provided as a (CP42) and (Plant)

Cafe Gas Certificate

Make sure your cafe is safe with a commercial gas safety certificate known as a (CP42)

Restaurant Gas Certificate

Safety is a priority when it comes to gas get your restaurant gas safety certificate (CP42)

Pub Gas Certificate

We provide pubs with CP42 and also PLANT Gas Safety Certificates.

lpg gas safety certificate